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Steve Burhans

With a career of experience spanning all facets of marketing, sales, management and information technology, Steve is no stranger to building dynamic, expert teams. Over his career, he has repeatedly brought leadership and forward-thinking vision to bear in starting and managing companies, sales & marketing organizations and consulting practices.  Steve has provided his expertise as an independent consultant with his own firm, Burhans Consulting Group, Inc., and during his career in full time positions with several major corporations and businesses serving both the Commercial and Public Sector markets. Steve’s creative business strategies have formed the basis for long-term revenue and profit growth. As a co-founder of Arthur Mcbeth & Associates with Carrie Parker he can bring expertise and talent to their clients.

Most recently, he managed the San Fernando Branch of Allied Universal Security Services. In this capacity, he oversaw a team of over 1700 security professionals and a $50 M branch. One of the strengths he brought to bear was creating a cross-trained workforce, management succession plan, and a branch chemistry that created an outstanding, productive work environment, virtually non-dependent on outside resources.

Recent Accomplishments:

Mr. Burhans was co-founder of SDM Automotive, Inc., designing, and building a revolutionary method of revitalizing new automobile sales in America. Its new car buying service, will potentially contribute to the overhaul of antiquated sales and marketing strategies for an all-important industry sector. In addition, Burhans Consulting Group developed a new business model for ‘charitable-giving’ by several small businesses to support victims of cancer, HIV, and abused women and children. Mr. Burhans’ consulting practice has been engaged in various management, sales, marketing and IT projects from managing the day-to-day activities of security firms; the creation of new business Internet offerings such as Paragon Pool & Spa Supplies; building a fitness and nutrition company www.fitnessbymaggie.com; to assisting in the re-vitalization of a 53 year old office supply company, Pioneer Stationers, Inc.; to Automotive Enthusiasts, Inc., with its highly visible Nissan/Infiniti Enthusiasts’ website, www.freshalloy.com.

He has served as Vice President of Strategic Planning for Employee Relations, Inc, www.employeerelations.net, a human resource services company specializing in pre-employment background investigations. His responsibilities included the development of the Marketing, Sales, and distribution channels for the company’s Virtual HR Services portfolio. Through his efforts, Employee Relations now enjoys lucrative master contracts with the many Public Sector markets, including the Cities and Counties of California led by the County of Ventura.

As a consultant and the acting Director of Marketing and Sales for SDR Technologies, Inc, and later National Information Consortium by acquisition (These 2 firms together formed the largest firm in the world solely dedicated to providing viable Public Sector e-Government Internet software and service solutions), he developed and implemented the sales, marketing, and consulting programs and built the national sales and regional management teams.   Several named accounts include the State of Texas, California Department of Motor Vehicles, Clarke County School district and many others.

Mr. Burhans served as Western Region Managing Director for SAIC/Network Solutions, a multi-billion dollar–consulting organization specializing in Government sectors. Working with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, he assisted in the development of the first ‘eMall’ for contract purchasing with seven States. He expanded the SAIC/Network Solutions’ consulting services to the West Coast as well as assisting in the development of the Commercial Information Technology Strategy for SAIC, assisting in the design and launch of the SAIC Supply Chain management offerings to governmental agencies.

Before joining SAIC, Mr. Burhans co-founded the Network Integration Consulting Practice for the Unisys Corporation. As Managing Principal, Western Region, the start-up practice grew to a $200 million organization in profitable annualized earnings with a staff of over 100 professional IT consultants and engineers. Clients included Deloitte & Touche, Clark County School District, KPMG, Parsons Engineering, Verifone, The City of Dallas, ComSat, Blue Cross, Hilton Hotels and Gaming, California DMV, U.S. Air Force, U.S. West, the State of Utah and the Mormon Church, to name a few.

During his career, Steve has held various sales management and management consulting positions with such firms as Western Data Systems, Must Software, and Management Science America. Steve attended Northern Illinois University prior to the US Air Force Academy.


Carrie Parker

Carrie Parker is truly a management force with which to be reckoned.  Throughout her 25-year career she has exhibited an ability to start from the beginning, the middle or the end of a project and excel.  Carrie needs no direction, no micro-management, and no guidance.  She can quickly ascertain the needs and goals of the companies that engage her services, and can effectively implement proven strategies and tactics needed to succeed.  Along with a solid business acumen, providing quality service and consistency in communication are key factors in Carrie’s success at building and maintaining client relationships.

Ms. Parker spent the last 3 years successfully managing a $10 million service operation for Universal Protection Services and Allied Barton (now Allied Universal). In this capacity she was responsible for over 300 security professionals and managers, customer relations, client retention and the support and financial health of her portfolios.

Prior to Allied Universal, Carrie did what she does best – worked her way up successfully in the areas of Administration, Training and Development, Operations and Management at Securitas Security Services, inarguably the largest security firm in the world.

Ms. Parker holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, is certified in Human Resource Management, and was awarded membership in Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business.

Carrie founded Arthur McBeth & Associates because she believes in today’s complex business climate, businesses must think differently, understand the importance of change, and focus on forward-thinking processes to achieve growth and profitability. Her mantra is ‘A New Way of Thinking for Our Clients’.


John Murray

Mr. John Murray is an astute analytical big-picture thinker with proven ability to quickly assess business structures, identify areas for improvement and creatively craft “game-changing” strategies. Having successfully managed through tremendous financial hurdles for clients in the early 2000’s, he is proficient in aligning organizational goals and priorities around the ever-changing needs of the customers. As John says, “…most company executives and managers are too close to the problems to craft solutions that carve new paths to profitability…”. John’s experience in starting, growing and consulting with many businesses coupled with more than 30 years of sales & marketing talent has contributed to his ability to help his clients overcome many of today’s business challenges. John has worked with companies in diverse industries, both in the US and abroad. Much of his work focuses on helping leaders transform their strengths into wealth creation.

In addition to providing his services to Arthur Mcbeth & Associates, John manages a large real estate portfolio with his partner and consults with others to grow real estate businesses. Although he is not a practicing attorney, his legal background has served him well in all of his business dealings. John is the former Vice President of Strategy & Business Development for The Murray Companies where he was responsible for over $2 B of client assets. John will be the first to tell you that the investment banking business is not easy, is mentally challenging and is an ‘anxiety generator’.

John Murray also co-founded AIS Adept Information Systems, a company dedicated to providing Department of Defense-tested, compliant, supply chain management communication software. Over the last ten years, many government suppliers and government agencies have used and are still availing themselves of the benefits AIS provides. The list of clients include Eaton Aerospace and Meggitt PLC.

During Mr. Murray’s long business career, he has been associated with the following companies: DeltaPoint, Bioscan, Alcon Laboratories, CooperVision-Cilco, American Hydron, PepsiCo, The Forum Corporation, and Xerox. Mr. Murray did his undergraduate work at the University of Minnesota with an economics degree working closely with President John F. Kennedy’s economic advisor Walter Heller. He then attended law school at Southwestern Law School. John, at age 18 held the distinction (unconfirmed) of being the National Champion Pigeon Racer for 2 years running in 1968-69!


Sara Burhans

Sara is currently a senior at Hixson High School and is involved with Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). She is planning on attending Middle Tennessee State University and, has her career eyes set on Marketing. Public Relations, and Advertising. As an owner in Arthur McBeth & Associates, her creativity is being employed by  assisting clients with branding and marketing projects. This Intern position provides her an opportunity to not only enhance her skills, but in turn help our clients and help grow our business for which she has a vested interest.  



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