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Simi Valley, CA 93065
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John Murray

Mr. John Murray is an astute analytical big-picture thinker with proven ability to quickly assess business structures, identify areas for improvement and creatively craft “game-changing” strategies. Having successfully managed through tremendous financial hurdles for clients in the early 2000’s, he is proficient in aligning organizational goals and priorities around the ever-changing needs of the customers. As John says, “…most company executives and managers are too close to the problems to craft solutions that carve new paths to profitability…”. John’s experience in starting, growing and consulting with many businesses coupled with more than 30 years of sales & marketing talent has contributed to his ability to help his clients overcome many of today’s business challenges. John has worked with companies in diverse industries, both in the US and abroad. Much of his work focuses on helping leaders transform their strengths into wealth creation.

In addition to providing his services to Arthur Mcbeth & Associates, John manages a large real estate portfolio with his partner and consults with others to grow real estate businesses. Although he is not a practicing attorney, his legal background has served him well in all of his business dealings. John is the former Vice President of Strategy & Business Development for The Murray Companies where he was responsible for over $2 B of client assets. John will be the first to tell you that the investment banking business is not easy, is mentally challenging and is an ‘anxiety generator’.

John Murray also co-founded AIS Adept Information Systems, a company dedicated to providing Department of Defense-tested, compliant, supply chain management communication software. Over the last ten years, many government suppliers and government agencies have used and are still availing themselves of the benefits AIS provides. The list of clients include Eaton Aerospace and Meggitt PLC.

During Mr. Murray’s long business career, he has been associated with the following companies: DeltaPoint, Bioscan, Alcon Laboratories, CooperVision-Cilco, American Hydron, PepsiCo, The Forum Corporation, and Xerox. Mr. Murray did his undergraduate work at the University of Minnesota with an economics degree working closely with President John F. Kennedy’s economic advisor Walter Heller. He then attended law school at Southwestern Law School. John, at age 18 held the distinction (unconfirmed) of being the National Champion Pigeon Racer for 2 years running in 1968-69!


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