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Justin Molavi

Mr. Molavi is a seasoned strategy executive with expertise in corporate strategy development, M&A, post-merger integration, operational process development and finance. He has managed over $1.5B in strategic investments and consistently exceeded expected returns, ranging from bolt on acquisitions and large mergers to private equity investments. Additionally, he has driven large corporate restructuring efforts, including a 200 person finance reorg, created innovative operational processes and managed new product launches, returning tens of millions to the bottom line. Prior to Burhans Consulting Group, Mr. Molavi was a Director of Strategy and Development at ARYZTA, a global publicly traded goods manufacturer focused on value creation, investment analysis, implementation and management and corporate restructuring.

Throughout his career, Mr. Molavi has been recognized for his leadership and strategy savvy; he recently was appointed to assist Jamaica’s Special Deputy to the Minister of Economy in finance development opportunities, successfully raised large seed capital for start-ups in the media and financial technology industries and his analysis has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Bloomberg. Mr. Molavi graduated from the University of California, at Santa Barbara with a BS in Financial Mathematics and Statistics along with Phi Beta Kappa Honors and successfully built and sold a food-service business while attending university.

Mr. Molavi is a natural born leader – with strong interests outside of work, including world travel, visiting over 40 countries to date and will increase his country count to 60 shortly. He is also dedicated to behavioral economics study and how this new mode of economic study applies to current economic issues. He also appreciates a strong bourbon (hold the ice).


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